LinkedIn Endorsements

By Donnelly

                This is going to be a short blog, but an important one for those of you using and getting, endorsements on LinkedIn.

People I’ve never met are going around telling people about me and what I’m good at. Now, you ask, “Jason, how can someone endorse you, if they don’t know you?” My answer is, people like to be liked. I can only assume that they hope that if they endorse me for something on LinkedIn, I will endorse them back. I mean, I’ve recently made and been endorsed for being a LinkedIn Endorser (seriously, check it out, so I’ve gotta be a good person to endorse, right?

What does that mean to you in your job search? It means that if you’re being endorsed by a lot of people for the things you do at your job, your LinkedIn profile will look great.



 That’s about it.

If you’d really like to impress me and/or the hiring manager you put yourself in front of, you have two big options.

  1. Do better work than everyone else. Honestly, this is one of the biggest things I see as a recruiter. Be honest with yourself, and work harder than you did, yesterday. You can be endorsed for being a rock star for all I care, but if you can’t sing or play an instrument in the real world, it doesn’t really matter, does it? How’s that endorsement working out for you?
  2. Get recommendations from people who actually know your work, and know how to help you get to the next level. When you ask for the recommendation, ask people, “I’m looking to get a position at _____________, doing work on _____________, and I know that you worked with me at my previous position and have seen me in action. Would you mind writing me a recommendation focused around ______________?”

So, in short, do better than the competition and get real recommendations. The foofoo (that’s the technical term) that you’re getting for endorsements is great, but solid, fact-driven recommendations will always trump a big number next to your endorsement for basket-weaving.

Do you agree? Disagree? Comment away!


About TTS Staffing

TTS is a boutique staffing firm that connects candidates to creative, digital, and financial technology companies in the New York City area. We help build those relationships to get you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re a client looking to fill a position or job-seeker in search of an opportunity, we’ll find the perfect fit for you. Unlike other staffing firms, TTS is composed of a small team of NYC-based recruiters and account managers--and we’re all in-house. What does that mean for you? As a candidate, it means you’ll receive personal attention tailored to your specific background from one of our experienced recruiters. Oh, you won’t have to worry about getting lost as just another resume in a giant database. But don’t take it from us, see what our candidates have to say. And that kind of personalized attention doesn’t stop at candidates. (So all you hiring managers, we love you too!) Our sole mission is to fill your job with a candidate that makes you look good. Let’s be honest, we know you don’t have the time to sort through a billion resumes, spend hours surfing job boards, and talk through tons of phone interviews. Save that valuable time, and put us to work instead.
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1 Response to LinkedIn Endorsements

  1. Excellent post, Jason. I’ve never quite understood the value of LinkedIn endorsements at all. I’m a firm believer that your skills will show in your experience, recommendations, and the work that you do in the present and future. Additionally, LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to rate your skill-level… I can write “Microsoft Excel” but how extensive is my Excel knowledge? What degree of knowledge is someone endorsing me for? I just don’t see the value at all. I think you hit the nail on the head here.

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