You Should Definitely Take The Job…Maybe.

There are a lot of reasons to take a job, but what about the reasons not to? Coming from a staffing agency, most of us here believe that you should take every single job that we give you. It’s perfect, and you’ll do great (*pats you on the back, “go get’em killer”). But, in reality, you need to think about your long-term goals and quality of life.

Let’s focus on the 3 B’s, the building, the buddies, and the bills.

The building; it’s more than a building, it’s a company, it’s who you’re going to tell people about when they ask, “so, what do you do?” Are you comfortable with the position being a part of your personal brand? Do you think that working for the company is going to make you happy? Do you respect the organization? Can you see yourself walking in and spending 40+ hours a week at the office? If the answer is no, why?

The buddies; aka the people in the building. What’s the culture like? Do you match up? What’s the turnover rate with employees? Are people there happy? Have you had the chance to ask them? If you’re not going to enjoy the people you work with for most of your waking hours, why would you want to work there?

The bills; which, in all reality, may null and void the answers from above. This is the most important of the B’s for a lot of reasons. Are you going to make enough to survive? Do you need to have a job immediately to pay your mortgage, feed your kids, yourself, your dog (or cat…*shivers*)? Really think about this number, especially in a city as expensive as New York. Does the position pay what you need to survive and/or have fun?

Now, having said all of that, each one of these can completely trump the other two. If they’re going to pay you a ridiculous amount of money, it might beseech you to take the job and make it work. Maybe the people and culture in the organization are amazing and working there would make you the happiest person you know. And finally, maybe they’re low-balling you in pay, but you know that having that name on your resume will boost your worth on the job-market.

Getting a job isn’t easy, keeping one is even harder, but if you step back and think about the long-term goals you have for yourself (seriously, if you don’t have them, maybe go focus on that for a few minutes) and the quality of life you’d like to live, you can make a decision that helps you and the company that’s willing to give you a chance.  

-Jason Donnelly


About TTS Staffing

TTS is a boutique staffing firm that connects candidates to creative, digital, and financial technology companies in the New York City area. We help build those relationships to get you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re a client looking to fill a position or job-seeker in search of an opportunity, we’ll find the perfect fit for you. Unlike other staffing firms, TTS is composed of a small team of NYC-based recruiters and account managers--and we’re all in-house. What does that mean for you? As a candidate, it means you’ll receive personal attention tailored to your specific background from one of our experienced recruiters. Oh, you won’t have to worry about getting lost as just another resume in a giant database. But don’t take it from us, see what our candidates have to say. And that kind of personalized attention doesn’t stop at candidates. (So all you hiring managers, we love you too!) Our sole mission is to fill your job with a candidate that makes you look good. Let’s be honest, we know you don’t have the time to sort through a billion resumes, spend hours surfing job boards, and talk through tons of phone interviews. Save that valuable time, and put us to work instead.
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1 Response to You Should Definitely Take The Job…Maybe.

  1. Jared Simmons says:

    Well said, sir. The 3 Bs that should drive business beyond the Bottom line!

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