Interview Tips

Interview Tips
Posted on January 25, 2012 by TTS Staffing
So today is the day. After sending your resume to what seems like a hundred different people, you have finally gotten some attention. A recruiter or a company has found you in that giant stack of resumes, and they have decided they liked you—that you are special enough to meet in person. You’re glad they found you, but now what?

Well lucky for you, we’re here to give you a little advice to help everything to go smoothly. I know, I know what would you do without us?

What to Wear: Okay guys, this might seem obvious but I have seen some crazy interview outfits. Just dress nicely, error on the side of overdressing but don’t come in a full tuxedo. Brush your teeth and your hair. (Fun fact: Bad breath has been the cause of over 43% of hiring managers considering a person as not a right fit.) Girls, keep the accessories to a minimum, and no black nail polish. I know you think its cool, but your interviewer might not.

What to Bring:Laptop, samples, portfolio

What to Know:

■About the Company- what the company does, who their clients are, who you’re interviewing with,
■About the Job- please know the terms that you are throwing around and what they actually mean. Use these sites to help:,
■About yourself- why you want to work for the company, how you would improve your mobile phone experience, what design change you would make to your phone’s OS, why you left or are leaving your job.

What to Say: Express that you want the job. Another thing to remember is that you ARE in the driver’s seat and interviewing the client too. So get curious: Ask questions about why the position is open, how they measure success, and whatever else you want to know about. Asking questions shows interest and gives you a break from talking too.

What NOT to Say: Never bash your former company or boss in an interview. Don’t talk about being drunk or hung-over at work. If you’re working with a recruiter its standard protocol not to mention salary when meeting with the client.


About TTS Staffing

TTS is a boutique staffing firm that connects candidates to creative, digital, and financial technology companies in the New York City area. We help build those relationships to get you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re a client looking to fill a position or job-seeker in search of an opportunity, we’ll find the perfect fit for you. Unlike other staffing firms, TTS is composed of a small team of NYC-based recruiters and account managers--and we’re all in-house. What does that mean for you? As a candidate, it means you’ll receive personal attention tailored to your specific background from one of our experienced recruiters. Oh, you won’t have to worry about getting lost as just another resume in a giant database. But don’t take it from us, see what our candidates have to say. And that kind of personalized attention doesn’t stop at candidates. (So all you hiring managers, we love you too!) Our sole mission is to fill your job with a candidate that makes you look good. Let’s be honest, we know you don’t have the time to sort through a billion resumes, spend hours surfing job boards, and talk through tons of phone interviews. Save that valuable time, and put us to work instead.
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