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Like What We Have to Say? Come to our mixer!

If you like reading what we write, chances are you like us and our friends too!   Come mingle with your fellow techies and creatives. All quants welcome too! Big name ad agencies, banks, and start-ups will be in attendance. … Continue reading

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How to switch to finance

I’ve had several candidates currently working in Investment Banks ask me recently about how to make the transition into the tech/mobile/web companies that are popping up all over NYC. Here are my thoughts on what is making this transition so … Continue reading

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A Coder’s Dilemma

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A Plug for Recruiters

  Let’s be honest everyone bashes on recruiters. So just once (and you guys can hold me to this) I’m dedicating the space below to letting a recruiter tell you why she matters. A lot of people think working with … Continue reading

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Job Distrubtion part two- this ones for the tech geeks!

 So you’re out there job hunting, and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any traction anywhere. Well it could be that your resume isn’t strong enough, or maybe you’re just looking for the wrong job. A lot of position titles … Continue reading

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Careers in the High Frequency/Electronic Trading/Quant space—and the skills required to get them

Of course a lot of you would love to work as HFT Developers, Quants, Front Office IT, Product Managers, and the like. After all, these jobs are the most desirable, most challenging, and you’ll be making bank… and of course, that … Continue reading

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Job Distribution

So if you’re one of those jack-of-all-trades sort of people, this post is for you. You’ve got a few different versions of your resume, and you’re wondering which version to send out. Is it easier to get a job as … Continue reading

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Interview Tips

Interview Tips Posted on January 25, 2012 by TTS Staffing So today is the day. After sending your resume to what seems like a hundred different people, you have finally gotten some attention. A recruiter or a company has found … Continue reading

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